Here are three things you can do during recruitment to build a winning culture

Whether you are a startup building a team, or a larger business recruiting new employees, the opportunity is ripe for building for a winning culture.

Recruitment waiting room with candidates preparing for interview

Time will continue to demonstrate the correlation between business culture and growth. Below are some examples:

  • Building teams with common values who can relate to one another drives a sense of belonging which builds confidence and performance

  • Rallying teams behind a common purpose drives the business forward

  • Creating an environment where people feel confident being their authentic selves promotes idea-sharing, strong communication and painless conflict and issue resolution

  • Identifying complementary strengths results in healthy conflict and collaboration

  • Recruiting people who will be happy at work enhances pride and buy-in

Ahead of your next recruitment drive, consider the following 3 tips to ensure you take on the right person for your culture:

1. Ask scenario-based questions

Because someone can conscientiously prepare for an interview, doesn’t necessarily mean they are right for the role. Additionally, anticipated questions can be met with over-rehearsed answers. To get a real insight into the person across the table and whether they are 'one of you', ask questions starting with ‘What if….’, exploring the instinct of your potential hire and gaining true insight into personality and mindset.

2. Be honest about who you are as a company

Experience will prove that when you ‘pitch’ your business to a potential new colleague as 'the business you aspire to be', rather than the one that you are, you may take on amazing people, but you’ll lose them just as quickly when they uncover the real you.

This doesn’t mean you have to list all of the reasons a candidate wouldn’t want to join, but it does mean you need to own who you truly are as a company, if you aren’t willing to change it. Time for a little self-awareness and authenticity, with a direct impact on retention.

3. Disrupt the typical recruitment process

Everybody recognises that typical interview environments are not the most comfortable. They also don’t tend to represent ‘normal’ work environments, especially with shifts towards more remote working, co-working and open plan offices.

If you really want to get to know your future coleague, do so in the most natural way. Meet over coffee or lunch, as you would do a friend, and when you think they may be the right person, invite them along to a team event to see how they fit with their potential new colleagues – here is a true culture test.

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